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Areas of Specialisation

Today, a lawyer's competent advice is more important than ever. The laws and regulations that must be observed are too comprehensive and manifold and amendments are made too quickly for private individuals or entrepreneurs to be able to see through the jungle of regulations without skilled assistance.

Nonetheless, even today legal transactions are often concluded on the basis of amateurish tips. Unfortunately, the resulting problems are realised only later, often too late.

So the motto should be: consult a lawyer in time to avoid problems later.

Competence and Secrecy

Your lawyer not only knows what legal steps should be taken and what time limits are to be observed. He may often find options you did not even consider.

You can trust your lawyer implicitly because he must maintain absolute secrecy vis-à-vis third parties and must not accept assignments from others which would conflict with your interests.

Professional secrecy is protected by law, so that full independence of the lawyer from the Republic of Austria is guaranteed as well.

Here you will find a non-exhaustive list of legal specialties:

  • Drafting of contracts and of last testaments

    • Purchase contracts, barter agreements, business transfer contracts and life annuity contracts
    • Contracts of donation
    • Condominium contracts 
    • Lease and tenancy contracts
    • Employment contracts
    • Contracts for work and services 
    • Articles of association and foundations
    • Cooperation agreements
    • Loan and credit contracts
    • Financing contracts
    • Contracts under family law (pre-nuptial contracts)
    • Testamentary dispositions and inheritance deeds
  • Civil-law consultation

    • Negotiation and drafting of contracts and last wills and testaments
    • Claims for damages
    • Proprietary and other rights
    • Trespass
    • Tenancy and residential law
    • Consumer protection
    • Marriage law, divorce, maintenance support, adoption
    • Labour law and employment law (employment contracts, protection against dismissal)
    • Building law
    • Entries in the Austrian Land Register and Business Register
    • Dispossession proceedings
    • Traffic law (settlement of road accident claims)
    • Insurance advice (claims)
    • Regulations on legal succession and written probate proceedings
    • Non-litigious proceedings
    • Law of associations (Vereine)
    • Food law
  • Criminal law

    • Representation and defence before court
    • Protecting fundamental rights
    • Petitions for pardon
    • Penal system
      • Asset management and management consulting

        • Formation of businesses, company law
        • Private foundations
        • Property and facility management
        • Asset and investment advice and portfolio management
        • Stock corporations law
        • Commercial law
        • Cartel/Anti-trust law
        • Trade mark and patent matters
        • Credit protection
        • Insolvency law (liquidation)
        • Debt relief and restructuring
        • Competition law (protection against unfair practices)
        • Export support
        • Agricultural law
        • Customs law
                                • Representation in tax matters before the finance authorities

                                  • Tax offence cases
                                • Representation before administrative authorities

                                  • Trade-law permits
                                  • Environmental protection
                                  • Industrial plant permits
                                  • Agricultural proceedings
                                  • Combination proceedings
                                  • Land transfer proceedings
                                  • Administrative offence proceedings before the police and before district governments, in particular after road traffic accidents
                                  • Drivers’ licence revocation cases
                                            • Representation before the Supreme Courts

                                              • Supreme Administrative Court
                                              • Supreme Constitutional Court
                                              • European Court of Justice and EU agencies 

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