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European Lawyers

Since the Austrian Federal Law on the free movement of services and establishment of European lawyers as well as the provision of legal services through International lawyers in Austria (EIRAG) entered into force in May 2000, lawyers from Member States of the European Union and other signatories of the Agreement on the European Economic Area have, under specific circumstances which are listed in the EIRAG, been permitted to provide services or establish themselves in Austria. However, they must use the professional title they are entitled to use in their home country (home title). For the professional titles of "Anwalt" or "Rechtsanwalt" (e.g. in the case of lawyers from Germany) the professional organisation (Bar) to which the lawyer belongs in his home country must be added. 

The powers of European lawyers are limited compared to those of Austrian lawyers (§ 13 EIRAG) and they are obliged to engage a corresponding Austrian lawyer (Einvernehmensanwalt) in all proceedings requiring compulsory representation by a lawyer (§ 14, in conjunction with § 5 EIRAG).

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